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A Sea of Hands to See Us Through

Join the Sea of Hands Helping See Our Community Through its Recovery

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While all Nantucket residents are relieved and pleased with the slow re-opening of our community, many islanders still face heightened levels of uncertainty and anxiety as jobs which previously supported these folks have yet to come back. These community members simply need continuing rental and food assistance during our recovery. COVID-19 has created an undercurrent that is making it hard for our vulnerable community members to get their feet on solid ground.

Jonathan* (not real name for privacy) finds himself in a similar situation as many of our friends, neighbors, and co-workers. He has lived on Nantucket year-round for many years. He enjoys working in the restaurant industry. The quieter winter months allow him to work in a year-round established restaurant, while he takes a second job at a summer hot spot to supplement his annual income. This arrangement has always afforded him a safe and healthy year-round rental, food in his fridge, and heat in his home. He never thought he would find himself asking for assistance for his essential needs. No one does. Jonathan found himself caught in circumstances no one could have predicted. COVID-19 shut the mainstay restaurant down in early March and the seasonal restaurant's opening has been delayed until further notice. Even though both restaurants are doing take out, Jonathan's positions have not been reinstated. By the time he contacted NFFRA he had used the savings he had to pay his bills and was looking towards the future knowing he would not be able to continue to pay them. Jonathan knows that one day, hopefully soon, he will get the calls he has been waiting for and will be able to work again, but he doesn't know when that will be. Until then Jonathan and many other islanders are in the same boat, need assistance to get through the uncertainty of the Coronavirus and its effects. Will you be the one to answer this call for help?

It takes so many hands to support a community. From a friendly wave to a passing car to delivering groceries to neighbors in need. The more helping hands the stronger the support to see us through.

Please raise your hand to help!